Yes, Leon. . .

I do love lists a bit too much -- and as much as I intend to actually use the list for their intended purpose -- they become just another form of personal expression via writing. . .like poetry, short stories, my novel-in-progress. I write them, go on to write more, look back at some I have written and another thought just becomes words that tumble out!

Hence the title I chose for our blog. . . at least occasionally they come out more like they have been polished rather than just falling down a hill picking up mud and sand spurs or out of a dryer when you open the door, half dried. OK, so you did 1 entry, 2 more to go tonight. . . Guess that means I have to do housework. . . but I did 45 minutes yesterday. . . OK, 35.

But first:photos to post (done) and poem to post. . . and browse. . . and sign up for a few things. . . and then continue working on fixing all these labels. . . and hooking up the printer. . . oh, and a list, I mean write a schedule. . . . and I really should do my Thursday Thirteen.

So, I'll post a poem I wrote the other day. . That will save at least 5 minutes. . .