Friday Free For All

Today, I again spent all day on the computer. Why? Because I was on a roll, I was writing poetry off and all, some junk, a tiny bit OK. I took the nap my body has begged for for weeks.

The windows are open, the weather is perfect, tomorrow, in SPITE OF Leon's job, we get to at least drive by the Twenty-Fourth Annual Skagit County Tulip Festival, a month of activities in and around the tulip, daffodil, and iris fields. The weather should be good, some of the fields are finally in bloom. We will have to wait on our Deception Pass Tour in the aluminum catamaran and the walk through the sculptures in LaConner, they are too far away since he is on call. But, the Kiwanis Club Salmon BBQ is close enough and since he has scheduled a quick call by the tulip fields, lunch will be yummy next to a park of tall trees. He, of course, loves it because he gets my salmon, too, since I am a vegetarian, but that's OK, I sneak some of his potato and coleslaw when he's not looking. Alright, honesty in reporting: you don't mess with his food, but he does offer it.

One of the great thing about the festival is how organized they are. The link above has events listed for more than just the month of the festival, links to many of them, even printable maps that are updated daily since nature has a mind of its own. Little icons are placed to identify which of the fields are in bloom at the moment and with which kind of flower. Of course, there is the store with the poster (a nice one this year) and t-shirts.

So, ride a bike, taste wine, drive, take a bus, fly over, visit an Alpaca farm, craft, visit a nursery, brave Deception Pass, pick your own tulips, listen to music, walk through sculptures, eat, and so on. Just get out in the fresh air, smile at the people around you as you marvel at nature.

And don't get between my camera and the tulips and daffodils (or in May when they say the irises bloom the most) and I will try in my excitement to stay out of your way.


Nancy J. Bond said...

The Tulip Festival sounds so beautiful! So does the Salmon BBQ! I envy your weather -- here in Nova Scotia, we're expecting a wintry storm tomorrow. Up to 8" of snow with high winds. Ugh.

I posted my first Only the Good photo on my blog this evening -- please stop by. :-)

Marcia said...

I love snow! but it won't be on my mind tomorrow, it will be filled with tulips and daffodils. I checked the map today, more fields have come into bloom.

I'm posting a link on my Sunday's Only the Good, sending them back to yours!

(I nearly made a meme of it, but haven't the time to put it together, so this way works just as well. As long as people see the good, I am happy!