Only The Good - 4th edition - (Special)

Lewis Street Park, Monroe, WA after Pineapple Express brought too much warm air and rain to us and the mountains that drain into our rivers. This is the Skykomish river. The picture does not capture it, but it was moving quite fast, even the small creek in the foreground.

Yes, it is not all supposed to be water. The foreground is a normally low creek. The area before the row of trees to the left and around and past the trees to the right is normally lovely grass for us to walk across or stop to stand over the river. This was a lesser flood last month than the 100 year flood last year. Find the good, only the good in this photo. Good is there, I see it, I know you can find it.

I am excited today that Nancy J. Bond found the Only the Good idea so appealing that she has started her own version on Fridays. Link here to see her photo in her Only the Good -1.

And smile, there is good out there, we just have to occasionally hunt a bit harder for it!


Nancy J. Bond said...

Hi Marcia! I'm looking at this picture and imagining how beautiful it must be when the flood has past and the grass greens, the creek clears. I can almost hear the happy babble of the creek as it flows over stones and rocks, and imagine how lovely it must be to sit at its edge and take in the beautiful mountain vista. The little bridge or walkway has held fast in the flood. I imagine this place to be lush and green in the summer...a lovely place to dream away a summer afternoon. :)

Rose said...

Marcia, what a beautiful picture. It looks so peaceful.

Marcia said...

Nancy J. Bond and Rose - It is a beautiful park, we love to walk down there where the grass is hidden by the flood, but the day we took this photo was just as special, watching the creek rushing nearly as fast as the river, demanding to be let in. It was raining, cool, and perfect!
Thanks, y'all for commenting and seeing only the good in it!