Interplay - House work. . . sigh

He finally broke me down, talked me into doing housework, more like bribed me by taking me yesterday BACK to La Conner to walk around in the stiff breezes by the water, BACK to the tulip fields, but new one, and out to the island to hunt for and dream about a little teeny tiny cabin in a forest with peekaboo views of the water. He did this even though we can't have it for a multitude of reasons, both to make me happy (the nice guy he is) and to shut me up about it (the practical guy he is. . .). He got his reward, an ice cream cone meant for a giant at a road side stand near La Conner on the way home. Today, while I fought my computer and did entries for four blogs, he scrubbed my kitchen top to bottom. . . now I have to jump in and work. . . I think the nice guy thing has worn thin. . . and if I WERE to be honest, I couldn't blame him at all.

So, Here's to Leon. . . an awesome husband, and I can say that with out having to make it up.


This Eclectic Life said...

Cheers to Leon! Supportive husbands are the best---I've got one, too. And, I have a lot of guilt because I sometimes let him do more work than I should.
I'm glad Leon allows you to blog, what would we do without him.

Marcia said...

Shelly - he allows me?

Seriously, I am extremely grateful that I married someone who sees me as I am, accepts that, even encourages it -- and enables it. Not that he wouldn't like to influence me more on a few things! Supportive husbands -- and wives -- are the best kind to have!

Chelle A. said...

What a sweet hubby! My hubby doesn't do windows (or walls, or floors, or counters or........well you get the picture) but he's a good guy as well :).

I'm off to snoop around some more,
thanks for stopping by my blog.


Marcia said...

Chelle - They don't all have to do that to be good guys! LOL. Good is relative to them and our personal needs, I'm glad you have a good one, too! Thanks for snooping around.