We Interupt regularly scheduled talk. . .

to say thank you to Shelby and Shelly for acknowledging my words in a special way. I say we, because there is a good side to my heart and intentions and a bad side to my follow through.
Follow the link for the awesome, the bad, and the pathetic - human life in progress.

Thinking Blogger Award does not mean Good Intentions are acted on.


Shelby said...

I REALLY like that you are a "for real" person with real personality - admitting less than perfectness. We all are you know - less than perfect - and awesome too. I think that's why I'm drawn to your writing - you're honest and straightforward and refreshing and welcoming. Thank you for that. I mean it. :)
Here's HUGS my friend * * *

Marcia said...

You brought tears. Thank you. HUGS back.