Script Frenzy is coming!

Yes, the have more info on their website, enough to hold us over until May 1st. Come on, y'all, what have you got to loose? How hard can it be? (OK, hard, but I'll find out.) Hold it! Do ou even know what I am talking about?

Write a screenplay or stage play in thirty days. Get those words flowing out of your head, they are crowding you, the want to escape!

It is different than NaNoWriMo in that you may officially work with another person as a team of two, a couple, a pair and only 20,000 words to write in those 30 days. Compared to 50,000, that's a breeze, right?

Their full site launches May 1, but Script Frenzy doesn't begin until June 1st, I can't wait. Leon promised to help me write a play. I'm calling in the debt! After all, it begins on our 33rd wedding aniversary. . . what better way to spend it than pigging out on food and drink and brainstorming and watching me type. . . .

And if he cries, "I haven't got time," I'll do it myself. . . all by myself, just like NaNoWriMo. I have a feeling he will get caught up in it, he is a writer by heart, little bits keeps spilling out. . . HA!

Check it out. . . Scheme in your head now. . . Be prepared. . . The month will fly by. Write a script. There is one inside you, there has to be, you wrote the partial script for your own life, try writing one for someone else.


Brian said...

I am going to finish my book in May. :)

Marcia said...

Brian - May will beat mine my months. Congratulations for being so close! I need to follow your leaad and get moving. Bring your bragging here anytime.