Tuesday Tumble - Yesterday's Thoughts

Some people make little time to think. Whether they are merely not making time in the vast amounts available to them or truly feel they have no time left after all else, they make little time to think. That was never a problem for me.

I have always made time to think, and unfortunately for some, I took that time whether I had it or not. For the most part that has been a blessing: introspection, wild ideas, a few brilliant ideas, awesome schemes (of the good kind), brainstorming for others or me -- and poetry.

But it has another side to it: occasional self-doubt with some basis, fear because I understand, truly understand, the risks of some things -- meaning I took the time to seek them and weigh them-- and questioning the reality of facts that are sometimes unclear or received by either guarded or totally unknown individuals.

Thinking so hard and so long can bring nuances that others don't find. It also clashes resoundingly with instinct, at times, drowning it out, and casts doubts on seeming realities. Many times, the actual reality is not of great importance in the larger scheme of things. Today, thoughts in my head tell me that in this case reality may in fact be important though I want to think otherwise - or do I - I do - or do I?

Yes, that is the type of thinking day it is. One that experience tells me will not be solved by more thinking, but only by waiting for truth to be revealed. It may be that I will never know - or need to know - for now, it is merely curiosity - maybe I should just quit thinking for the day and do housework. . . or not.


turquoise cro said...

UG! Housework! I just got through cleaning out my sweeper!! My chicken's in the oven, and laundry is always calling my name! Beautiful day though!!! Nice and cool, wish YOU lived near so I could call you and we could skip some housework and go for a nice nature walk! Happy Tuesday! Glad to seeeeeeeeee you on my Blog! Thanks! for stopping by! xoCinda

Marcia said...

Turquoise Cro (Cinda) - nature walk, no housework, yeah. Thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment. (Thanks for the reminder I wanted to make soup in the crockpot; Had forgotten.)