Tuesday Tumble - Word destinations

Ok, enough getting lost in blogs -- although it does allow my words a place to tumble. I had contests to enter and submissions to type last month, but my words forgot where they were meant to tumble. (Yeah, blame it on the words!)

Today, they remembered their intended destinations. So, I started a short story, one so unlike anything that came before. Well, another half-truth, for they started in my head many times over, but I didn't want to write them. Today it felt right. A cruder side of me shoved into my laptop's memory. The question remains if I can pick up the started thread now the flow was stopped by a call (although welcome one). I'm betting they will and I am never, never wrong about that, because I refuse to be. Wish me luck, in case, because it was a really fun write, trying to be someone else entirely and a male at that!


This Eclectic Life said...

It's easy to get lost in blogs. The beauty of your writing, however can't be ignored. If it helps, I release you from the challenge. I'd rather read your poetry than see another link:-)

Marcia said...

Absolutely NOT - no release, I can do both, I just am not as quick as some! I spent part of the afternoon reading other poetry blogs, although so many non-poets deserve Thinking Blogger awards, so many of you that I read have already been given them once or twice. . . I want to take my time and find Thinking Bloggers not yet recognized, not that I haven't already read them, but I tend to retain words or emotions and not the links that went with them, so this is a good exercise for me. . . for once in my life I am trying to be the turtle and not the hare, perhaps not the most appropriate time, but. . . . I will post the thank you I wrote already and add the links later, with fanfare, perhaps! And yes, I am frustrated that I spent the day on poetry rather than my obligation.

Thank you!

Rose said...

Marcia wishing you luck. "wink"

Marcia said...

Rose - I certainly need it! Thank you!