Unplanned Poetry - Another Side of Spring

Like perennial weeds
in a formal garden
unfazed by poison,
resilient to organic smothering,
procrastination returns.



get zapped said...

A very interestind poem. I see it from a gardener's perspective, and in life in general - weeds taking over as we just watch them grow around us....I've been doing that lately, but slowly getting things done!

Marcia said...

Get Zapped - Our garden was very much on our mind, so much clearing was to have been done in winter, but is here waiting in spring. Thanks for commenting. Any forward movement is success, I think.

sarala said...

I like the vision of procrastination as a weed. If so I am a vacant lot. Oh, that sounds bad, doesn't it?
Good poem.

Marcia said...

Sarala - that was brilliant, a vacant lot, guess there are a lot of vacant lots out there, I definitely qualify more than I don't. Thanks for your comment.

Shelby said...

great poem!!

Marcia said...

Shelby - Thank you.