Only The Good -10th edition

OK, this is the only photo I could come up with, due to my computer (and operator) problems these weeks. . . I see it is unclear. . .fuzzy, so right away you have to look around that to find the good and that is all you need to do, overlook any negative and find only the good and leave me a comment of what you see, please.

Then jump over to the official Only The Good Site and check out Nancy J. Bond's beautiful picture (she made it easy on you this week) and while you are there, consider posting your own photo for everyone to find Only the Good in. The great thing is it doesn't have to be your best photo or a beautiful one, you can make us all work to find the good in it. If you decide to post your photo, let her know on her site and she will add you to the side bar as a participant. . . Only the Good can come of it. . . Hey and you aren't confined to just one day, Nancy goes for Friday, I try to post mine on Sunday.

And search today for Only the Good, you may surprise yourself with how much is lurking out there to be discovered!


Marcia said...

Hey y'all, yes this is Seattle and with the weather some expect. Did you notice how beautiful a gray sky can be when textured with clouds? Or how tall and proud the Space Needle stands above Seattle's buildings? Or think about all the jobs and homes these buildings house? Or how beautiful Pugent Sound is an all the life swimming around in the water? Or how many people are smiling as they look out those thousands of windows at the sky or the seagulls flying by?

Nancy J. Bond said...

All the things you mentioned are GOOD, indeed. I think Pugent Sound must be one of the most beautiful places in the US, from what I've seen on TV and in articles. I'm struck by how clean it looks, given that it is a fairly large city. It looks busy, and yet peaceful. :)

OTG #8 is up!