Only the Good - 9th Edition

You're going to have to search a bit today to find the good in this! I found it while I was taking it, I'm sure you can, too! Taken in Washington in the Cascades. Yes! A beautiful place to see. Make sure you check in at Nancy's Only the Good, and grab yourself one of those beautiful buttons like the one I have on my side bar! I chose the light green one with the hummingbird, but you have other choices, too, all beautiful.

Have a Only the Good Mother's Day! -- all of you, mother's or aunts or otherwise.


Nancy J. Bond said...

I think there's something quite beautiful about a rainy day, no matter where you are. And goodness knows we're getting our share of them here on the opposite coast!

The first GOOD thing that came to mind was that you have good wiper blades! :) I think the way the fog or mist has settled at the foot of the mountains is breathtaking, even in the rain. I hope you safely reached your destination>

I hope you had a good Mother's Day as well.

OTG #7 is up, if a day or two late. But with good reason. :)

Marcia said...

Nancy J. Bond - rainy days are beautiful, aren't they and the clouds and mist are breathtaking, I love this photo. Yes, we got home safely, some times it is a bit scary. Thanks for being a good finder of all that good in the photo!