In the Clouds

Up in the sky, it's a plane! And power lines and white fluffy clouds and gray ominous clouds and bright blue sky. A bit like life, isn't it? Both this photo and life have:

  • things we have no control over
  • obvious beauty
  • beauty that may only be in the eyes of a few
  • things some people think mar the beauty of the sky and clouds
  • conduits for energy
  • movement
  • threatening things
  • the results of someone's dreams
I'm sure if we studied the photo we may find more. . . but I think we all get the idea. Life is everywhere and to a point it is how we make it and how we perceive it. Enjoy.


Matty said...

When you think of it, we can find the good everywhere. Sometimes I sit on the deck and stare at the sky and clouds and marvel at the beauty of it.
When I get my camera adjusted, I will start to take pics as well.
I think it depends on your attitude towards life. You can see good in everything if you're an optimist...or a dreamer.
Have a good week!

Marcia said...

Matty - we can find good everywhere. I can't wait until you start taking your pictures. I'm having to rely on old photos, I have my hard drive so full, I have hundreds of photos still in my camera. Attitude is everything. Thank you for commenting.

Shelby said...

I love that you are so positive and always looking for the good - there always is good. I truly believe that. And that is a beautiful picture of a good day - a great day - a beautiful day!

Thank you :)

Marcia said...

Shelby - It was a beautiful day, at a park on a lake with mountains in the distance and a pasture on the opposite side (you know, in the next state from your dream state). I try to look for the good everywhere, but that day it was a bit easy! Thank you for commenting.