Thursday Thirteen - Random about me

Thirteen Things about Me

1. Some days I am tired of thinking as deeply as I do.

2. Some days I overlook the details,

3. but some days I want too many details.

4. I love a breeze, even if it is too warm. It is the movement I love.

5. Slightly more than breezy pulls me down, until I stop to remember I love moving air, then it makes me smile, why?

6. I love walnuts, especially now that I know that they eat away some of the fat that you just ate.

7. I love dark chocolate. I was buying expensive chocolate bars, 60% or 70% cacao, now I just grab a bag of Ghiradelli 60% Cacao bittersweet chocolate chips. Sixteen chips is only a total of 6g of fat, 3.5 Saturated, but I only grab around ten of them, chips, not bags) and my chocolate need is handled. I eat a lot less that way. (You thought I was going to eat them all, didn't you!)

8. But some days I eat them several times a day, especially if I have orange juice with lots and lots of pulp) because I love the combination of chocolate and orange juice. If I were smart I would mix them with walnuts.

9. Speaking of food, when I ate meat, I loved, loved, loved a bowl of oatmeal with sugar and two pieces of bacon crumbled on it, crisp, nearly burned bacon.

10. I have not had a stomach "virus" since I became a vegetarian - 1999. ?????

11. I want to list my thirteen favorite songs, but won't list them since I can't provide links due to my lack of knowledge and too much else to learn right now. . . but the new Bon Jovi song about making memories - I listen to that repeatedly since I heard him sing it on American Idol. It is a beautiful song.

12. I can't stand the taste or smell of apple juice, but one of my favorite drinks that I am too lazy to make is apple juice, Welches (or Paul Newman's - only those two) and banana thrown in a blender. Jo Anne introduced me to that when our kids were just little tykes. Now they are full fledged adults and then some. . . so to speak.

13. I can lead and I can follow - unless I think you don't know what the heck you are doing! Luckily most of the time leaders do. Whew, that's why I can spend most of my time just following and THAT means I can sit back and not have to figure out how to get others to mutiny with me - and it also means all those times I follow that I am not capable of leading, I won't have to prove I am not capable. . . or something like that. Now, that I have followed Thursday Thirteen to it's 13th, I could lead by doing a bonus or a 14th, but then that would really just be following, since it has already been done. I could mutiny and come up with 15 or 16 - but why mutiny against something that works so beautifully! Yeah, it's obvious I don't want to stop listing.

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Di said...

The only time I liked apple juice was in the hospital after giving birth.

And don't worry about posting lists without links...people LOVE lists about music and lyrics and they won't care if you post links or not.

Shelby said...

This is a fabulous list. I so relate. And I'd have to agree with di - go ahead and list your music... we'll find the links if we want them.. I love music and love to know what other people like in music too..

take care and a very happy THURSDAY!! :)

Stacey said...

Hi Marcia--

Thanks for your very nice compliment about my children. I enjoyed your 13 and am thinking of participating next week....but for now, not gonna lie, I don't understand the whole dark chocolate thing! My hubbie loves it too....why bother with it if it isn't sugar-injected? xo

Random Magus said...

Just stopped to say hello to a fellow Thursday Thirteener....

Trina said...

Love the list!

I agree too, List your music, I always like to see what other people listen to... also there is a site, hmmm what was it called?... Oh! myplaylist.org I made a playlist of all my favorite songs, it's easy to use and that way we could hear your favotrite songs!

Happy TT!

This Eclectic Life said...

You have gone zany, sweet friend! What are you adding to that apple juice you don't like? The other day you were talking about being excited. It's showing. You must be writing something you like right now. Good list. I wish I had felt better yesterday to see it.