Tuesday tumble

I wonder if what holds many back from their dreams is merely their failure to dream - for their fear of failure. I know it held me back growing up - dreaming of great things, of striving for things outside my normal daily life was beyond my level of comprehension. I have spoken with adults recently who are still held back, who feel they have to schedule time to dream. . . they have waited so long to dream their next dream, they have to schedule it. . . . There is something wrong with that visual.

I, on the other hand, have come up with so many dreams, I want to strive for them all. . . There is something wrong with that visual as well, but I will hold on to that one while I work toward my writing dreams, all of them. . . I just won't lose sight of the other dreams.

Are you living your dreams? Are you at least dreaming a dream? I hope so.


Rose Dewy Knickers said...

Hi Marcia,

This month of May is all about our dreams. You're right though, dreams are nice, but actions need to happen to make them real. I want to make my dreams real.



Marcia said...

Rose Dewey Knickers - I know we have to have action to get our dreams but at least you (and I) are daring to dream! I want to see all our dreams come true, that would be awesome. Thank you for commenting! Keep dreaming, girl, that's over half the battle.

Matty said...

I love to dream,,daydream or nightdream, its another world to me. Some of my dreams come true, and some are just fantasies, but they color my world.
I have also strived for some dreams, but given up, knowing that it was not for me, not at this time, or in this place, but maybe in the future.
I won't lose sight of my dreams, I own them, nobody else does. They may sound silly,,,but they're mine.
Some of my dreams have come true, so I know with faith and hope, who knows? Yes, I will dream on.......

Marcia said...

Matty, I bet when it is time you will know it and jump right in there.
I LOVE that you said you own your dreams, no one else does. . . Thank you for sharing your comments.

lisa said...

Am I living my dream? No. Not that life is bad, it isn't and I am always looking for and finding the goodness that is surrounding me.

I'm dreaming my dream and working towards taking that step of living it.

This is a wonderful thought-provoking post you've written here.

Marcia said...

Lisa - I'm so glad you are working toward your dreams, that means you are confident enough to have them. Thank you for commenting!

Shelby said...

Hi Marcia. This is such a great post on dreams - they are so important, if not one of the most important things about us maybe.

I posted on my dreams just a few moments ago. I read your latest posts too on your mom. Such beautiful words! Your mom must have been such a beautiful person and I know that you must ache for her presence. I am so very sorry.

Take care.

Marcia said...

Shelby - I think you are right about how important dreams are! I appreciate your comments about our dreams and about Mom, thank you.