Unplanned Poetry - On picnics of a different kind

A picnic lunch I packed today
thinking we'd have it on the way

And on the way is exactly how
we drank our water and ate our chow.

"A picnic means stopping, beside
the river bank or a park," I cried!

"I have no time to stop and eat
besides I know not of a table and seat.

Only roads and buildings are there,
no parks or rivers anywhere."

And so he drove and ate today
but I refused to eat that way.

My hunger won out after all
I rode and ate before the mall.

And when he went inside to work
I saved no chocolate for the jerk!


No, not great poetry, but written in the van while he worked and I debated saving him any chocolate. (OK, so I really did save him half the chocolate. Also note: the word "jerk" was merely for poetic rhyme - he really is NOT a jerk, just someone who worked hard that day. . . I feel bad posting it, thinking (hindsight) someone would misunderstand my humor - so don't - after all, he is the one that brings me Chinese takeout at a mere mention and has been known to run pump gas even at 5 am for me if we forgot so I don't have to smell the fumes and get a headache.)

Please do not reuse my poem, besides, meter is off, you don't want to claim it. This was posted just for the fun of it and the memory.


Matty said...

Haha! I love it! My kind of poetry!
Have a great week!

Marcia said...

Matty - I had fun venting - and for the record - he is not a jerk, I was just rhyming. Better add that to the front page, oops. Thanks for commenting.

Biker Betty said...

Very funny poem!! I did read your note about "jerk" and totally understand. It's gotta rhyme, lol.

frustrated writer said...

lol, i liked the poem! glad you did share the chocolate though!

Marcia said...

Biker Betty - yeah, gotta rhyme - grin.

Frustrated Writer - he was glad I shared, too.

Thank you both for visiting and commenting.

Catherine said...

Ha ha. This poem is soo funny. Great rhythm to it. Thanks for the laugh.

Marcia said...

Cathy - So glad you got a laugh from it. Thank you for commenting on it!