Making the switch to B2Evolution or Wordpress(org)

Ok, Lunarpages.com will become my new host for some of blogs. Which ones? I'm not sure yet. But I better hurry up, hate to waste that money I just spent!

I am going to try out B2Evolution, another open source software, for one blog - having no clue what I am doing, nor how much help is out there, I have not personally stumbled on many of those blogs, knowingly, that is. It just looked interesting to me and I loved the control panel it had for multiple blogs in one place. The other feature it had was that I could have all posts from all blogs show up on a main blog and privatize it so I could see at a glance everything I have posted.

I am considering transferring one blog to Wordpress.org to experiment, too, since there are so many people willing to help fellow bloggers out with it. Damien Riley over at Riley Central took time out to give us a big boost into Wordpress.org. Through his own trial and error he has come up with 41 Wordpress plugins he is willing to recommend. Well, 39, ---- 2 he is keeping secret for now. And the very best part - Damien linked them all for us, all we have to do is click on the ones that catch our attention, click, and we are whisked off to their site!

He offered to help if we have questions, provided we read the files first. Gee, could he have added that because I have already asked a million questions and don't even have wordpress yet? Click for Damien's list of 41 minus 2. I can't wait to get started!


ethical said...

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This Eclectic Life said...

You are sucking up to Damien and he's helping you! Good for you, but I'm jealous. Doesn't he have the best ideas? He's a sweetheart.
Can't wait to see what your new blog look will be. Are you scared to pieces about trying it? When you get good with all this technology I'll let you build me a decent website for my storytelling (in your spare time!).

Marcia (MeeAugraphie) said...

This Eclectic Life - Sucking up? Really, I do declare (in my best Southern but ultimately sickly sounding accent), that is not my style - besides I have too much fun reading Damien's words, I don't need to suck up - besides that, he is just nice offering to help. Thank you for commenting. YES, I am finding I can't do things I want and don't understand more of what I read than I expected. I wish I had taken html and CSS - I like the challenge believe it or not - must be that untapped part of me. Hmm maybe Leon and I can win the lottery and go back to school together. HA! (Yikes, I actually exclaimed HA! out loud in the hotel room.