Unplanned Poetry - Mostly Untapped Power of Parents

Mostly Untapped Power of Parents

Maple syrup

poured into bread's center
spreading as far as the little one's
eyes could see
across France
and down through Spain
making it nearly to China
had the carpet only opened
to allow passage.

Toothless grin
followed widened eyes
as Mom entered
and sang a childhood song
while the two of them
relegated the escaped
maple syrup to its new
home of banana peels
and crumpled napkins
egg shells and orange rinds
safely ensconced in white


These words written as they tumbled out, I changed one word within seconds or writing it and deleted one word after I typed the period. Drafts, too many words to worry about hours of editing - after all, how much time do we spend editing our life. Story came out of nowhere - perhaps yesterday's French toast. The toothless grin inspired by a photo on an older post of the perfect toothless grin I saw today on Damien Riley's site (no, not of him).

Copying is not welcomed, but links are.

Note - if y0u are the least bit curious what mood this poem left me in, click here to read Wasteland; it was written just moments after this one.

Let's all smile today in memory of our own toothless smiles, however many or few they were!


This Eclectic Life said...

A very calm Mommy when facing Maple syrup! Can't believe that hit carpet and she didn't hit the roof. It must be fiction...
I like it...

Marcia (MeeAugraphie) said...

I wish it were real life everyday - can you imagine how sweet we would all be - if only 'cause we were covered in syrup. GRIN. Thanks for commenting!