Meeaugraphie.com now working!

Friday Fiction is the next post down!

My poetry and fiction blog is back online on its own domain - with a little help from Blogger help, specifically, Chuck (nitecruzr). So, if you happened to have a link to it, although it will redirect from http://meeaugraphie.blogspot.com to http://meeaugraphie.com, please update your link. It feels all grown up to have my own domain. Will it change how I act? Who knows, I certainly don't know. I know I am supposed to warn you first, but I just got excited and did it.

And it was just that one direction could have been more clear!

Hey, I suppose I should change my links to it in my sidebars, too.

Now to find a host to put some other blogs on Wordpress.org.

Have a great day, y'all. Mine just got better.


Shelby said...

Hi Marcia! Yes I'm calmed down a bit - thanks.

The GRE is a graduate standardized multiple choice (some essay) test required for graduate level study in some disciplines .. the degree at UAB (Univ of Alabama at Birmingham), where I'm applying for an MA in history, requires me to take it.

Damien Riley said...

Congratulations! Remember: slow and steady wins the race!!!

Marcia (MeeAugraphie) said...

Shelby - I'm glad! As soon as I read your explanation I remembered having seen a sample test online.

Damien Riley - I do know that, I love the turtles, but that rabbit in me just keeps taking control. . . Thank you for reminding me. You may need to again!

Thanks, y'all for commenting.