Of Hurricane Season and Stolen Moments

To my friend in Mexico and family and friends in Florida and those scattered in the South East and Texas way: We are thinking about you during the hurricane season. . . It seems to have gotten a leg up on both coasts already: Be careful, be safe, and once you are in safe places, THEN, have as much fun as you can, because by then nothing you do will change it, so you may as well make it a stolen moment with family and friends.

No job is worth your life. . . . And if we all stood by that the employers would have to back up their employees.

Pack the pickup sticks and cards and good old fashioned paper and pencils or pens and that book you have been meaning to read. . . Write a poem or story or song. . .Heck a novel if you are quick enough. But smile, you'll need those extra good vibes!