Our 33rd and counting 'cause I won't let go of him

Today is our 33rd anniversary. At one point we both probably (did) wonder if we would get past the first 3 or 4, but something inside told us to keep trying, keep pushing, and keep diving in for more. I've told him we have to make it (and will) to 90 years. . . After reading the poem I just wrote about us, (well, poetic license - and editing of thoughts before keyboard pressed, both taken) I wonder if he will dare to put up with me (or I with him) that long.

Yeah, on second thought, we will. Why not? The only thing between us and dreams is us. . . so. . . let's just throw that obstacle out right now and get on with it. (Leon, that was NOT merely a suggestion, it was a demand disguised barely as a simple we can do it suggestion. Oh, did I give that away? Like you couldn't see through it.)

Now, the poem I wrote that reveals a bit much (no, not skin!):

Love: All of This and More (On our 33rd)

There is always Thursday Thirteen if you are really curious, just below this.


Shelby said...

Oh HAPPY 33rd!!!!!!!!!!!

Marcia (MeeAugraphie) said...

Shelby, Thank you!

Linda said...

There must have been something magical about 1974 - you're the 3rd person I've encountered in a week (besides my husband and I) who've been married that long. Was it the cheesy music (The Way We Were, Bennie and the Jets, Takin' Care of Business), the goofy clothes (I laugh at the pictures), or just luck?