Thursday Thirteen - More about our 33 years together

05/30/07 Thirteen Things about Marcia and Leon

Thursday Thirteen - Anniversary Edition - again, as in our 33rd

1. In his younger days, Leon's claim to marriage infamy was to buy roses at the bar from that cute girl wandering bar to bar selling them, then forget that he had them, leave them in his truck overnight and the next afternoon in the FL heat - and then give them to me. I told him as much as I loved the sentiment, I didn't need the half dead roses; to save his (our) money.

2. I, however, gained my marital infamy by never remembering to make his tea (and he is a Brit).

  • I would either forget to go in the kitchen and start it, or
  • boil the water and never pour it onto the tea bags, or
  • pour it and forget it until he asked for it 20 or 30 minutes later
  • all of the above within one tea making attempt. (Note: it took me 30 years or so, but I finally started getting it right. . . well, except once, this week, I forgot.)

3. Leon was and is the better cook, the one who does the hard part of Thanksgiving dinners, comes up with cool recipes to serve friends at dinner (and cooks them) and they come back for more!

4. But, it was Leon that put so much curry paste (in recent months, no less) in our dinner (OK, so he was cooking and I am retired and he works like a dog 5 or 6 days a week just at work. . . his choice, sort of.) Back to the curry. I told him it was too much, he, as usual, thought I was exaggerating, it was SOOOO hot, he immediately threw it all away -- after burning his mouth!

5. He is a good sport about having many meatless meals, to a point. I am a good sport, too, I never cease in my attempt to convince him to eat healthier. (Grin)

6. When Leon was heavy into his acting, I encouraged it, read lines with him (when he would let me) and picked up a little of his slack -- and -- didn't punch out any of the women he kissed on stage. Well, almost, once, in my head, but she was bigger than me and it was a prime role for him. . . and it wasn't the kiss, it was the earthy WAY she pulled his head back by his hair.

7. He also seemed to sense if I was feeling left out and would take me to rehearsal with him so I could have nachos or buffalo chicken wings at the pubs afterward with everyone else.

8. When I got heavy into my writing in the last year, he encouraged me and listened to me try to read out loud and totally mess up what I was reading, repeatedly. . . .

9. He supported me (read that spoiled me rotten) in my first NaNoWriMo even though we were trying to get the house ready for our son and daughter-in-law's visit for Thanksgiving, in the middle of it.

10. My bestest showing of true love for him was to suggest (sincerely) that we cash in my retirement and use just over one years salary of it to live on so he could quit his job and try to make it big in acting, if not we would go back to work at the end of the year, both of us.

11. His worstest showing of practicality was NOT bending to my wishes about that no matter HOW CONVINCING I was. His practical side, I'm a working man and have been since I was 15, kicked in and I couldn't budge it no matter how hard I tried.

12. We may as well have because barring a miracle my retirement will be used up before I am 62. . . oops. I try not to let that thought in my head, but it slips in unbidden occasionally. (And I know it does in his as well, even without my assistance, not that he will admit it.) So, now I am trying to talk him into just workkamping for minimum wage in an RV that we don't own and couldn't afford the payments of if we did workkamp. (His practical side is winning, but his love of nature is doing its best to team up with me to win this one.) I figure if we are going to be poor in our senior years, dirt poor, we may as well practice now so it will be easier. . . (I just came up with that theory yesterday.(Yes, I know, poor, Leon. . . he has to put up with me.)

13. When our son was growing up (and yes, he was adorable, is handsome, and is quick witted like his dad and. . . ) Hmm, I started thinking about him and forgot what I was going to say. . . So, I will end this anniversary edition by saying two things:

  • We would not trade our son in for all the tea in China or a million dollars back in the 1800's (inflation, you know), not even when he showed the more irritating personality quirks of his parents. . .
  • I would not trade Leon in either. I've already told him we are both living to 114, so since we are 57, and have 33 years Friday, well, guess he is stuck with me a total of 90 years. Heeheehee. (Man, why didn't I think of making it 100.)

(Quick note to our son: Better make your millions quick if you plan on helping support us from age 62 on. . . After all, we will be so famous, it would look bad for you if you let us live below your own means. . . . with Love, Mom.)

(Quick note to Leon: Remember, you act your way, I write my way. . .)

(Quick note from Leon: after hearing me attempt to read this out loud: I shall be conferring with a lawyer tomorrow to see what my rights are to see about getting you (Marcia) committed.)

(Blame my ramblings on the heat, y'all, it went up to 80 today. Thank goodness the house only went up to 74. Oh, no more comments from Leon, he is doing our laundry. . . and then starting his alone TV time.)

Thank you for your patience in my anniversary fun. . . . Now, I really should do something other than write, like catch up on all the blogs I haven't made it to recently.

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Raggedy said...

I read every word!
Happy Anniversary!!!
Cheers! May you both have many more years making tea, living, laughing, acting, writing, cooking with curry, and enjoying your lives!
Happy TT'ing..
Mine is posted too...

Matty said...

This sounds like a tribute to Leon! They just don't make men like they used to! He sounds like a man of many talents! (HeeHee!)
It sounds like you had many good years with Leon..and may you have many more!
Actor, writer, hard worker, cook?? Tell me, does he do dishes???
Keep on 'keeping on'! Wish you many more years together!

Cin said...

What a wonderful 13! Leon sounds like a darling (I married a Brit too, so I may be prejudiced) and you - well, you're a firecracker, arent'cha?

Congratulations to you both from (finally) sunny Vancouver!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

What a great marriage you guys have!

I'm going to have to put this blog on my reader, too; I have your other one there already. (How do you blog so much???)

Happy TT a few days late but heartfelt nonetheless.