Only the Good - 12th Edition

I am reposting this photo, in part because I still cannot get into my photo file. . . In a perfect world I would just hop on over to the MAC store and get a cool new computer with a huge hard drive and it would open. . . Today, we are going to concentrate on only the good!

We may have to search a bit harder to find "only the good" in this blurred photo. Whether you have seen this one before or not, please, search for the good. You may have missed some before. And there is good in it, I found enough that I made it my poetry blog header. . .

Remember, this is good practice for finding the good in the people around you, and for that matter, in yourself. Once you've found it jump on over to Nancy's site and find the good in her photo. . . and while you are there, jump on her blogroll and start posting your own. . . She posts her photo on Friday, I do mine on Sunday. . . the point is not the day, but searching for Only the Good.


Shelby said...

I see the light - light is good because it quells the darkness :)

Marcia (MeeAugraphie) said...

Shelby, I was grateful for the light that night in the mountains. Thank you for playing along.

Matty said...

Dear God shine your light on the pathway ahead,
I'm worried and frightened within
Dear God shine your light on the pathway ahead
My soul is just riddled with sin.

These are a few lines of a poem I wrote in my 20's.
Have a great week!