In the Clouds - A look at the past

This week I am in the clouds, enjoying having Leon 24 hours at my beck and call. Wait, I must have my head in the clouds --for real -- because this is a working and "run to five stores in two towns to find one little electrical transformer" type week.

As my husband is what one would label a hard worker, and since changing jobs to move out to my dream climate he doesn't get a lot of vacation, and even then he is working on this house so we can get closer to our dream of selling it and moving on to a dream life. . . I'm not going to blog much this week so I can quit being the princess and be a housewife and primo helper or something remotely resembling it. In other words, help him more rather than type and read all day, not that I won't get a few entries in (and our play).

Not that anyone doubts I will be back to my other role quickly. So, if you have missed these posts under In the Clouds check them out, if nothing else the cloud photos are beautiful! And to make it really easy for those that only want to glance at clouds, the link is to the label page with all of those posts, so just scroll on! In The Clouds, So Far.

Have a great day!