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NOTE: I MISQUOTED DAMIEN RILEY, IN MY EXCITEMENT AT TEASING. . . I APOLOGIZED IN MY COMMENTS. . . but I am sure you can easily see how I came to my conclusion of his words (which were not even his. . . oops). So, just enjoy my 8 things, and then read in the comments what he really wrote. And, it may be a good idea to do as I don't and pay more attention to your own words as you post so you won't be embarrassed like this. . . not that you would be that careless.

Now on to my misquote:

Damien Riley, now 38, knows at least 8 things, claiming the older we get the less we know. . . but he seems to know important stuff! Now, I am already 57, so must know less. . . . hmmm, and then he threw a tag on me. . . No, not a price tag, or a mark down or clearance, but a Tag, you are it! Did he really think someone as old as me could come up with 8 more? Well, I took it in the spirit of a friendly challenge:

Here are the eight things I know, whether always have, just learned, or merely a figment of my imagination:

1. There are times you have to put yourself first.

2. Live in the moment, remember the lessons of yesterday, be aware of tomorrow.

3. The sun will come up tomorrow; it may not be the sun you are expecting or the sun you want, but believe me, it is coming up somewhere.

4. Murphy's Law exists. . . and is selective. Just deal with it and continue.

5. It is OK to change your path, why on earth walk across giant shards of glass or nipping alligators when you can just make another turn or two and use the sidewalk or cross the bridge.

6. Worry is not synonymous with problem solving, a little won't hurt, but a lot will just trip you up and irritate the heck out of others.

7. You can live vicariously, it is just like participating in a spectator sport, living is being present. . . whether from afar, in your heart, or on the sidelines observing. . if no one is observing, who are they going to show off for?

8. If one and one are two, and two and one are three -- and nature is based on the Fibonacci code -- then why is a lovers triangle a bad thing when it follows the laws of nature?

That last one was merely a joke, y'all. After all, tonight Leon and I finally got to go on a real date to celebrate our 33rd anniversary a week late and I have no intention of sharing him!

We went to Alligator Soul, perfect date place for murmuring sweet nothings as nothing could be heard over the loud music, not even the song words. . . so there must have been a lot of sweet nothings being murmured if they drowned out the band. . . Seriously, Leon loved his Cajun style dinner, I loved my vegetarian special dinner, what we could hear of the music was great, I was not able to sit still during dinner. . . A date, a real date in another city, not a run down to the same restaurant we go to all the time just because I don't want to cook, so they know what I want without asking.

Now, I haven't the time to tag this time (it is his last day off before going back to work). . . so YOU ARE TAGGED - but only if you want to be! But I really do want to know which eight things you know. . . after all, I may just learn something from yo If you play along, let me know and I will add the link to the eight things you happen to know. . . (or still know if you are older, like me.) And, remember to click on Damien's link at the top and read what a newly 38 year old knows!


Shelby said...

truly lovely post!

Marcia (MeeAugraphie) said...

Shelby - thank you! You are sweet.

This Eclectic Life said...

You aren't so old that you couldn't remember eight things! I love those. I also put the #5, but of course I didn't word it as well as you.
Glad y'all had a wonderful dinner together :-)

Damien Riley said...

Marcia . . . thanks for all that. But I never said the older you get the less you know, I simply quoted the age-old aphorism: "The more you LEARN the less you KNOW." If you could interview me back at 18, you could have solved world poverty!

You're "knowledge" is great. i especially like the one about taking time for yourself. Congrats to you and the husband on your anniv!!!! and yes i will help you with trackbacks. Mine seem to happen automatically! so no worries.

Marcia (MeeAugraphie) said...

This Eclectic Life - you worded yours just great, flattery, however, is accepted here. Thanks for reading, commenting, and sharing in number 5.

Damien Riley -- oops, I guess I just proved the old age, I mean, age-old aphorism. . . I have learned so much, I KNOW so little. . . and get in a hurry and write late at night and mess up. . . Thank you for noticing! LOL. Thank you, thank you, and my apology for misquoting you in my quest for having fun late at night after a date. . . wait, that sounds like my date was boring. . .now, I'll be in trouble with him, too. Not boring. I'm going to stop writing now. . .