Thursday Thirteen - Positions I don't want to be in

06/14/07 Thirteen Things about Unliked Positions

1. on the bottom. . . of the pile when the passer is rushed
2. in the jaws. . . of a shark
3. on top. . . of a bridge during high winds (make that any winds)
4. face down. . . in a cow pasture
5. next in line. . . for a round of shots (not talking booze here, y'all)
6. standing beside. . . a Florida construction worker at 4:30 p.m. on Aug 15th
7. standing downwind. . . after a BBQ or chili feast
8. walking in the road. . . the first hard rain after a drought
9. between a man and woman. . . trying to decide where to go for dinner
10. in the first row. . . at a rock concert
11. at the first lesson. . . of a piper (bagpipes)
12. beneath the grandstands. . . at a high school football game
13. at the other end. . . of my wrath if I am convinced I am right.

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Michelle M Pillow said...

Happy T13 :) Interesting List!

Raven Paranormal Blog said...

Happy TT!

maiylah said...

wouldn't want to be in those positions, too! ;)

Happy T13

Crimson Wife said...

Very cute, thanks for sharing!

Gattina said...

In the first row of a rock concert that's nice, you could catch a scarf or whatever they throw (and swallow all the dust)lol !

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

I swear, it's been a long day; I didn't get the football reference until the third read-through.

Front row at a rock concert rules, though. I miss those days.

Mymsie said...

Very creative list! :)

spyscribbler said...

ROFL! I didn't get the football reference until Susan mentioned it.

I've always wanted to play bagpipes, incidentally.

Happy TT!