Unplanned Poetry - Acquainted With Guilt

Acquainted With Guilt

She knows it wasn't enough
but shoves the hauntings away
'til they leap forth unbidden
and threaten her sanity's stay.

Rationalization steps up to defend,
spouting that chaos intruded,
but, lets not dare to pretend
that more couldn't have been done.

She was commended for heroic deed
and if truth be told it was earned,
but at what expense to two others
whose hearts were left burned.

There is no writing the wrong
for others would only be hurt,
there is no singing the song
of joy, only of wallowing in dirt.

But even as words are now formed
the knowledge begins to take hold
that there are two sides to this story
and some days the meek became bold.


I know I don't normally write rhyming poetry, but this is how it came out. . . edited some, my mind at this ridiculous hour refusing to cooperate - or sleep.

Words are mine, as is the somewhat-almost-kind-of-sort-of-meter. No reason to copy this, so just don't. Thank you.