While I am watching Leon work -

Hi, I am going to be somewhat limited in my computer time the next five or six days - I would prefer, not to have to key in a password while I am traveling too often, so I will spend most of what time I am on line catching up on all the blogs I enjoy and don't get to read as much, and working on my novel - and knitting squares for Shelly's project. (OK, and bugging the heck out of Leon on his few minutes of free time, it is a working trip for him, bless his heart.) And while I am at it, I am going to go ahead and move Tumbled Words and Shh-Speakup blogs and RV Poetry (for now) to their own domain, which means, in theory, they should still work this way (or with www?) who knows, I follow directions and. . . . ) So, in a few days they should work without the word "blogspot" thrown in there.

So, check some or all (hahahhaha) of this stuff out while I am somewhat gone:

For nominations I made (which also means other bloggers for you to read: Nominations

For crying or just plain sadness: Dear Mommy or My Dad

For a project for Camp Sanguinity you can help with: See Shelly's blog post.

For another charity a KID can participate in: Color A Smile -their site

For weird poem and a link to Unconscious Mutterings meme: PsychologicalTrauma

For my poetry/short fiction blog: MeeAugraphie

Or for beautiful pictures: Thursday Thirteen - Skagit County Tulip Festival

Have a great week, I will be reading you - and you - and you, too if I find you. Hey, I may even get to post.


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