Thursday Thirteen - Words I dislike

07/05/07 Thirteen Words I Dislike


(If you aren't playing with us all, you may want to join in, it is lots of fun!)

Thirteen Words I dislike (No, I didn't include the c words or d words, these are cleaner. . .)

1. Leg - Legs, may be attractive in themselves at times, but the word just seems to belong underground, buried and forgotten.

2. Vomit - I need say no more, the word sounds like the act. Gross.

3. Caress - Does that come close to feeling like it's definition?

4. Macho - As in Macho man - come on, what man really wants to be labeled with the ch sound: choo choo, chew, cherish, chimney. Really!

5. Cattle - Why, cattle rhymes with chattle, battle, prattle, tattle, rattle. If you were an animal that many depended on, would you want your group name to sound like those other words? Or even be associated with them?

6. Measly - That one may seem appropriate to the act of being measly, but that word and weasel just make me shudder - not for their meaning, the sound. Guess that applies to measles, too.

7. Hurricane - That word is a non-fit, no matter how they came up with it, whether its roots are valid or not with ancient language, it just does not feel like it is. Her is gentle (OK, many hers are.) Having the her sound at the beginning takes away from the intensity of the actual storm. Could that be the real reason so many people ignore hurricane warnings? They don't ignore TORnado warnings -- could it be because tor is such a strong sound? (I'm serious on this one, y'all.)

8. Like - I honestly don't like that word. I think it should mean the opposite of what it does. I don't mind words like bike or psych. Actually I love the latter, it feels right, sounds right. Like, though, is a hard sound; there is nothing pleasant about it and isn't liking something supposed to be pleasant?

9. Plop - Plop down, no thank you, the word sounds too much like its meaning, and I 'hear' something dropping into a toilet in the next stall. (Well, it does.) I just grossed myself out! YUCK.

10. Pussy - as in cat - I picture a 2 pack a day smoker with pursed lips saying that word. Yeah, I know, I finally lost it completely, but it sounds disgusting - and not because of its association with the "other", I didn't like the word long before I heard it used that way.

11. Capitol - it sounds harsh. And I associate harshness with dictators and a desert with no oasis. I don't want my country to have a capitol or a capitol building. Problem is, I don't know what else I would call it - any ideas? Home plate maybe? (Now, I do not take responsibility for the home plate idea, it just flew out of my head, I am quite sure it must be because I just read about baseball and patriotism in the same post over on Riley Central. He wants to know our views on patriotism, but I regress. And for the record, I don't mind that word! Regress, I mean.
(And for the other record, I gave my views, they may not be yours! Why not leave your views in his comments, I would love to read them.)

12. Heaven - I'm not sure why, I just don't think it fits all it is supposed to be. The word is not beautiful sounding, it is not magical, it kind of just hangs there, doesn't even float gently in the clouds.

13. Poem - I love to write them, but cannot stand the word. It is un-poetic. (I like the words, "poetry" and "poetic") Poem doesn't even fit for poetry written about crass things or gross things. It just doesn't work. Say it out loud. Go ahead, even if you are a man working in a steel factory (Oh, was that cliched, sorry!) It is not feminine, it is not masculine in sound, it is more like dung, not in sound, but in feel. Think about it. There is no reverence given by the word poem to the thought behind poetry, nor is there any excitement in the word to reflect the wonder and love written. Add to that the word does not bring to mind the laughter or silliness in some poetry. It certainly does not imply heartache or angst. It just doesn't work!

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Casey's Mom said...

Thanks for stopping by and for the warm welcome at TT. You have an interesting list. I can't think of word/s I don't like. I have to come up with something.

have a great weekend ahead!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Interesting, Marcia. I hadn't thought about many of those words. I like them, I suppose. I DO like caress and hurricane, but maybe that's because I'm weird. :D

Ed said...

Great list. It will be a lot of fun to think about them.

Gina said...

Hmmmm, intriguing list... Now, for sure I will be repeating those words in my head (loudly even) and oh,my gosh, I might end up disliking them too! =P

Thanks for visiting my T13!

Damien said...

My favorite words are caress and heaven LOL j/k.

Shelby said...

extremely interesting list! I do not #5 EITHER.

SusieJ said...

Brave woman. This was a great list -- and welcome to the Thursday 13. ( I didn't participate this week -- but I will next.)

Matty said...

I have to agree....those words don't even come close to their meanings. Closure......I hate that word.....and hubby.....sounds like a part of a car. Sweetheart is too icky.
Now you'll have to do a post on 'hot' words. I don't like 'money' but I do like 'moolah'.

Rose DesRochers said...

Not only do I not like to vomit I don't care for the word. lol