Unfinished business with snow

For now, the snow of the Pacific Northwest is beckoning me: Our total accumulation of 8-9 inches was so overwhelming awesome for this former Florida girl that I want more of what comes with it -- except the treacherous ice:

snow swirls,
snow showers,
snow flurries,
heavy snow,
gray skies,
blue skies lit by a sun as bright as any over Florida,
white clouds,
snow 'glow' lighting up the electricity deprived night,
walks in nearly deserted streets,
Leon helping me build Mr. Lumpy - my first ever snowman,
my stomping around our yard hoping to sink deeper with each step,
throwing snowballs that landed gently and being hit by snowballs that weren't so gentle,
Leon getting a 'snow day',
and my being asked quite sweetly by a young neighbor if it was OK for him to throw a snowball at me (yes!)
and throwing one very gently back, asking first, of course.

But: next time I am borrowing the boys' sleds next door and trying it before the roads are dry enough for the cars to interfere with my plans.