And they thought I didn't procrastinate!

Driving around, taking photos, reading blogs, walking around RV shows for hours on end, etc. are more fun than work, but. . .

It's time, I think, to do more than just blog and write an occasional poem or Fib.

It's time, I think, to do more than just play in my office and walk past the neglected house.

It's time, I think, to do more than just scheme in my head and not on paper.

My novel is calling my name, Scrabble wants to once again be my game.

Lists are tired of only being made for Thursday Thirteen.

Recipe books never read want to spill into my head.

(and apparently a rhyme or two wants to spill out at you)

The play we said we would write together was never started and is threatening to run away and find somewhere else to play.

The beads still sit in unpainted wooden boxes.

My shawl seems to have gone into a suspended state as needles lay still.

The hat I started remains half finished.

Ink sits still securely packaged, separated from its intended home.

Cards are unsent, words printed on paper no longer hold true.

Frames stack on shelves neglected, photos remain homeless.

Books stand tall on their shelves, but dust collects to weigh down their sadness at being unread.

And worst of all, the carpet on my stairs remains intact, bare spots never created by my exercise intentions that fizzled out.

However, the sparkle is still lit in my open blue eyes,
a smile is still flits across my face
and tomorrow appears to be a day for beginning
the cycle of accomplishment again.

Unless I fall into browsing the blogs and learning some more
about that that I don't want to ignore.

It appears as procrastination, but in fact it is deep concentration. . .
just not always on the 'right' things.


Gattina said...

You must have a bad day today, lol ! Thinking over things you haven't done ! what a shame for a retired person. And lists, what for ? I really enjoy now, that nothing has to be done in a certain time laps. Why ? The only thing I have to pay attention to is supper at 7 ! For my better half but that doesn't bother me either because I am also hungry ! I trained myself to this lazyness in household by watching on tiny crump lying on the floor and I tried NOT to pick it up for 3 days ! I can tell you it was VERY hard !

gary said...

I will also loose interest in things but decided to focus on the things that I do. And guess what? I found that I do (complete) more things that most people I know. It is easy not to procrastinate; don't do anything, don't intend to do anything. And don't give this kind of advice when people can't see you smiling.

East of Oregon said...

I like to think of myself as a deep thinker - contemplative, very contemplative. (I've been told at least once I procrastinate).

great post! take care and happy Tuesday :)


That hit close to home. I've been told that true procrastination occurs among perfectionists because they find themselves afraid to start anything for fear it won't be correct (or perfect!)


DellaB said...

Hi Marcia, I'm DellaB from turningsixty, just popped in to say hello - doing my first rounds of the over50's blogroll.

I can really relate to this post, everything you say is so real - for those of us who practice procrastination, that is - I am an expert, with a partner who is a master - we too have plans to write a play, or at least a screenplay - one day...

nice to meet you...