Followup on ranting: Investment distributions

On February 12th, I ranted as ladylike as possible about my IRA distributions being terminated, accepted a bit of the blame. . . Well, as of midday today, the investment company involved, after many more phone calls, misinformation, people struggling to help but not knowing the answers and not given the answers when they asked, has solved our problem. No penalties, I will get my February distribution quickly, and my missed January. I am, however, having to take a one time exemption, which had someone told me was available in the beginning I would not have panicked so much!

A young man (Do I feel old now!) named Patrick in their national Service Elevation department (aka major complaints?) along with a secretary way down in Florida were the key players that finally solved it, on the surface anyway, but they both got lots of assistance from the department with the ultimate authority. Those two knew who to call and were quite effective at following up! I have to have the form faxed to them by Tuesday morning (blasted holidays). I can handle that!

Remember, check on your investments, make SURE you have enough cash in your accounts for your distribution! And someone remind me that in May I need to call and have stuff sold to put cash in MY account -- because ONLY one exemption. . .so if anyone messes up again, well, I hope I still have my sleeping bag!


It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

I am glad that we have this way to vent, aren't you? I am out visiting some of the over 50 bloggers this afternoon. I thought I would drop by and just say HI!! I am over 50 plus 12 years now as of this coming TUESDAY when I get to have yet another birthday!!
Drop by and visit sometime..Sandy

Chris said...

I would say, this investment whoever, messed with the wrong person. I am very proud of you for having the patience and perseverence to hang out on the phone as you get transferred and redirected and told "just a minute---let me check" type comments.

Since I'm from Canada and am living in Mexico for fourteen years I have no idea what you're talking about with these distributions and all but I do know they messed with your money and you didn't sit back and let them. Good for you!

Rose said...

Glad to hear that you got it sorted out and will be getting your money.