Stolen Moments

To some, stolen moments are feeling too crummy to go to work, but good enough to sit up in bed and read a good book all day; a time to play hooky, to just be withdraw from the world and enjoy themselves. It, for many, is me time.

I remember those days from my 30 years of working full time, wanting to spend time with my husband and son, and with my parents -- but still have time for me. Feeling too crummy for work, but well enough to relax was just what I needed on occasion.

It is different now that I am retired. I share my husband's stolen moments. Today a traffic jam was just bad enough he ran out of time to get to a customer's before they had to leave. With no other close calls (of either kind), he made his way home early. What a treat! We went for a long walk through our neighborhood: sun shining, dogs barking, just cold enough for a jacket, but warm enough not to be cold. In one direction we watched a small plane practicing stalls and spirals. With the clear skies we were able to see Mt. Rainier from between houses as we walked. . . and we are over 100 miles away.

We then drove to a nearby town for tea and our favorite curries, and had enough time to try the cherry topped cheese cake and Americano coffees at a recently opened coffee shop and still be home in time to watch American Idol -- without rushing! To say I am thankful for our stolen moment today would be an understatement.

American Idol blew me away tonight. . . Just give at least five of those women contracts right now. It is going to be awfully hard watching the last 6 weeks. . . I hope they have stolen moments to regroup with.