Update on previous distribution rant!

I have to give the company their due. The check they said would be here by the middle of next week arrived yesterday! For that, I am thankful and surprised at how quickly it arrived.

I did, however, only get their response to my complaint the day before yesterday, although the letter was dated February 14th. In fairness, a bit too often our mail is delivered to the wrong house out here.

Between my lack of attention and their not calling the correct numbers or mailing, I have uses my only exemption. . . and that terrifies me, it will only take one bout of forgetfulness to lose all that money!

I also am conflicted that I am giving them so much credit for getting it straightened out because I had the right to the exemption and it took so many days and calls and the first several people I spoke with never even told me I had that right. Then, when I called the IRS, they merely said, if the distribution is missed, you owe the penalties, no mention whatsoever of the exemption being in place for my use.

So, one more friendly warning. . . Pay attention to any distributions, any automatic deposits. . . Don't give them the benefit of the doubt if they are even a day late.

And say thank you for the help you do get! (Yes, I did, more than once.)