Why I Don't Want to be a Weatherperson

- Bad hair days
- What would I wear?
- Jeans, comfortable sweater, and hiking boots?
- Probably not the most appropriate
- Would have to read those awful sounding lunch menus for schools
- No delete key
- More specifically, no backspace key
- Still people out there who blame spoiled picnics on weather person
- Not especially pleasant when sleep deprived. . .
- Even when just a little bit
- Don't know how to paste a smile on my face
- Would prefer to observe clouds merely for their heavily weighted artistic value
- Would prefer to let someone else make the mistake forecasting
- I can't write if I am reading the weather prompter

- Note: Yes, you guessed correctly, too tired to think clearly, but determined to write.
- Pulled similar trick in Shh-Speak up, but labeled it a poem.
- Let's label this one an article.

- Postscript: Back to sleep. (Too early in day to call it a nap.) Have a great day.


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