Aha! Photo proof

After my last entry on lists, Meeaugraphie said no one would believe she was that bad. I gave this some thought and decided to find some proof to back up my words.

Well, here it is, the evidence that I have been searching for. It took quite a bit time to dig thru the pile of note books filled with old lists, but the search was well worth it. In the photo you can see thru the opening I had spent a good portion of the day working on. This opening, earlier in the day, had been a wall with a door and a window in it, at the end of the day it had a garage door installed.

A good days work, right? Now if you look close you can see the proof. That is a list of items for me to accomplish the next day, and who do you think that is on the stool with the note pad? That's right! And doing what she does best. I rest my case.

Her response to my original entry is here.