One Blog Begets Another. . . .

Yes! I found another reason (legitimate) to create a blog -- for exercise. I had already announced to anyone who would listen: I am striving to live to 114, double the age I turned in March. So, since I never remember to exercise, but really don't mind, I started a blog to keep track and act as my own cheerleader, unless someone else wants to jump in and help! Halfway to 114 -- years, that is.

Of course, I manged to write intros on several pages without exercising at all, so we will just see how it goes, but I have every intention of jumping up and exercising in a few minutes, while the exhilaration is still here!

I also experimented by making it on Wordpress because I wanted those cute little tabs. (The photo header, is, by the way, one of my photos.) I didn't realize there were two Wordpress things going on (.com and .org, so I signed up for .com), and could not believe I couldn't change one simple CSS code without paying for it. . . I will have to check out the other Wordpress before I get too much farther into all this, but in honesty, if I could have a template here on Blogger with tabs like my new ones on Halfway to 114, I would be content here!

So, anything new is fun. Also, I was just given help in making a link I was having trouble with. So, if it works tonight, I can catch up on some blogging work and give credit where credit is do! Yes!