Only the Good - Special Edition

Yes! Finally my procrastination paid off. No, that is not how to introduce Nancy J. Bond's newest blog, but it is true. You see, I (see my labels on the side) started a Sunday - Only the Good, where I posted a photo and asked that y'all look only for the good in it. If it was a grubby yard, then keep hunting until you find something positive. There's good out there, we just don't always see it.

Nancy found it through the TT Carnival and fell in love with it and started posting her photo, too, usually on Friday. I talked about making it a meme, but with 4 blogs going and one other I participate in, I put it off. Last week (or this week) I mentioned online finally doing it -- maybe. I couldn't come up with a design I liked and procrastinated.

Well, Nancy didn't! She jumped right on in, "picked up the torch" and created a beautifully designed blog and is waiting for y'all to join in. (I'm already there!) She gave me the credit I deserve and this is to give her the credit she deserves. Her site is worth visiting and playing along. She picked up the ball I dropped and scored. I'm just happy that I put the ball out there. And in the face of honesty, her site is much nicer than the one I envisioned. Nancy, you did good.

So here is the link to the post that started all this. Here is the link to her scoring run!

(yeah, I'm a bit jealous that she had the wherewithal to make that touchdown, but my excitement is a whole lot stronger!)