In the Clouds

Working in the yard in Washington state, my head is in the clouds in the sense I am creating something, but I am also completely at peace, relaxed: living.

In Florida, the majority of the year, working in the yard still brought the satisfaction of creating something, but my head was unable to think for the intense heat, I was not at peace but physically ill. Looking back (and actually during those years, as well) I felt I was not living the way I was meant to be. . . .

I wasn't, but I am now. Clouds are clouds wherever we live, but some climates make it a bit harder to get our heads up in them all the time.


Chris said...

It's amazing how weather driven we are. If I don't see sunshine my mood clouds. I get lethargic with intense here and dread hurricanes but I'll take that any day over snow. You had dripping humidity in Florida which is pretty bad. Here in Cabo the humidity is only when a hurricane decides to visit, otherwise the heat is that dry furnace type---But only in July/Aug/Sept. & part of Oct.

Okay, you're probably not convinced to move here. You sound pretty happy with the weather in the cold, rainy northwest!

Great photo. You do have an eye for beauty.

Marcia said...

Chris, I'm not convinced, but I am suddenly running across people who love parts of Mexico and leave CA to go to the mountains in Mexico during the summer. I cracked up at your "only in July/Aug/Sept/ &part of Oct." That's over 25 percent of the year! In fairness, if I were still working and had to drive in snow, I would feel differently, I'm sure, but normally they don't get that much snow out here. . it will be in low to mid 60's - mostly sunny here. GRIN. Glad you liked the photo, and thank you for commenting.