Only The Good -8th edition

It's that time, find only the good in this photo. Look beyond the obvious if you have to, let's train our minds to seek the good. . . not saying we should be oblivious to the bad, but hey, let's give credit where credit is due for the good!

After you've found the good here, click on the Only the Good button on my side bar. Nancy took the time to create a new blog just for Only the Good and made three buttons for us all to choose from, so you, too could be part of Only the Good - post your own photos for your readers to look for only the good. . . Koin in on her Only the Good blog - be part of finding good and get added to her blogroll.

It's quick, it's easy, and it reminds us there is good out there.


Marcia said...

I see life in birds, a well-maintained building and a sky filled with clouds, which in the winter and early spring contrary to what I would have thought, helps keep the warmth from escaping to the atmosphere.

Nancy J. Bond said...

This photo speaks to me of freedom, the freedom of birds in flight, perhaps startled from their usual perch. They provide as much contrast against the sky as the white building does. This photo gives me a peaceful feeling. :)

Marcia said...

Nancy J. Bond - Freedom and peace warm the heart, don't they. Thank you for sharing your ability to see only the good!

Matty said...

I can easily see the good.....we all have wings..we have to trust that we can fly and not fall. Let's spread our wings.
I will join....'only the good' as soon as I can get my son to check my camera.

Marcia said...

Matty - I hope your son checks your camera soon, it would be great to have someone joining Nancy and I.
Loved the "trust we can fly and not fall". Thank you for commenting.