Thursday Thirteen - Us

Thirteen Things about Leon and I

1. Our 33rd wedding anniversary is June 1

2. We both like being married, go figure.

3. He spoils me rotten.

4. I do not spoil him rotten because when we first married he told me not to put him on a pedestal in that tone that says he meant it! I never let him live it down.

5. That does not mean i have NEVER spoiled him.

6. We had birthday weeks, not birthday days. I tried to push it to birthday month, but could never pull it off.

7. We both have strong work ethics, only his carry over to home, too, mine don't. I only had so much energy to give, he has mine and more.

8. We both love to walk in the rain and the cold (OK, IF we have warm enough clothes on.)

9. He can outlast me at everything except walking in a mall.

10. I can outlast him at pouting, not that he pouts, of course, he has his own way of making his moods known.

11. He has changed for the better more than me. I would love to think it is because he needed to more than me, but he is just stronger willed than I am!

12. I used to be always right, but now I try to be wrong occasionally so he looks good. (I can't write this with a straight face.)

13. We both love our son equally, but we show it in our own ways. We are not afraid to be ourselves, most of the time.

Note: He just read this and said I was putting him on a pedestal and to take him down. . .I can't stop laughing and it is not that funny. . . . maybe that is why we get along. He figures no one will believe this crap anyway. I better post it before he reconsiders his "approval".

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Shelby said...

I love this post!!!

You and your hubby sound alot like me and mine..

life is good :)

Crystal said...

33 years... well, congrats!! :o)

And happy T13.

Matty said...

Great post! You do make Leon look like a 'keeper'. Sounds like he's easy to live with too. Nice to see a marriage last 33 years.
One of these days I will take up the Thursday 13...when time allows.

This Eclectic Life said...

Leon sounds like a fun character (which is fitting, since he is linked to such a fun character!). I love your list. I'm going to go find a link to your very own cat to send you in an e-mail. It will be your excuse for not writing the next time you need it. And, you will never have to change the litterbox! Have a great day. You and Leon go for a walk (at the mall?)

Indigo said...

What a great post! Happy (early) Anniversary!

Chris said...

How refreshing to hear about happy, mutually supportive marriages! Happy 33eee!!

Marcia said...

Thanks y'all for the comments, that means I did good, making him sound easy to live with! Ha! Think it is time for a little harassment in my Friday Free For All Post -- Yes, I adore him and he adores me, except when we don't - we are human.