Just one of THOSE months

Before you read more: I am merely letting off steam. I am not unaware of or unappreciative of, but actually excited about all the great stuff I have in my life - and I am not talking just material! I wake up each morning grateful! I am loved, I love, I have a roof over my (our) head, food, transportation, clothing. We are finally in the climate we both love, our son and his wife are fine, etc. -- and I have dreams, lot of them -- I am not afraid to dream! What follows is merely a whine - just to get it out of my system - and it won't be as long as it would because as I type the computer is lagging behind so it distracts me - aarrrggghhhh!

I created, on our trip, little business cards to attach to the squares I am knitting for Camp Sanguinity via Shelly's Share A Square project. (If you don't know about it - whether you knit, crochet, or NOT, you can help -- I'm not kidding, you can! click on that link --the one in the sentence before this one. Don't keep reading my whine, go see all the many ways you can help.
One is as simple as this, just talk about it and link on your blog.

Hey, I personally don't care if you ONLY help the project just to get the cute square link button like the one I have on the side bar of my blog. . . your readers will see it and some of them may REALLY want to help. And if you don't like that button and want a different one - she has one!
(After all, we all have different tastes.)

Now on to my whine, if anyone is still reading, but that's OK, I am getting it out of my system:

I like the cards, they have my seagull on them; well, would if this hadn't happened:

I wasn't sure how to set up the computer to print them so ran it in gray scale - they lined up perfectly with the template. I had done two designs, so I did the same with them, perfect. So, I picked one, set it back up for color, wasn't sure what I had the paper set on, (a new printer) - and put in a sheet of that overpriced business card stock. They printed over-sized, so fell on parts of THREE cards. I went back and changed things and and previewed repeatedly and gave up 'til later. I had planned on putting my first knit squares for Share A Square in the mail today - that didn't happen!
Last night I figured out a little on transferring my blogs, (YES!) but then -------- hit a point of:
what on earth is this and where did they hide the instructions and how can I ask for help when I don't even know what it is I am supposed to do next?
Of course, I am spending so much time trying to find the answers rather than asking someone for help, knowing they are busy by their own rights, that I am not getting any knitting done - or housework. It irritates me that I haven't figured it out on my own, especially since I am already frustrated over needing a more powerful computer than I have.

(But I am excited I figured out what I did so far all by myself -- I experiment sometimes - when I probably shouldn't - part of that is the old PC's I bought had support people that sometimes knew less than I did on my own. Mac support so far has been much better.)

And, I do have a computer -- a Mac at that -- and I am happy as all get out I have been able to do all I have with its small hard drive -- and I am the dummy that built up all those photos in it to begin with and never took out the 50 percent or more or crappy ones because the Pacific Northwest was so new to me I hoarded my photos. . . add to that a few times I loaded them and the duplicates loaded when they shouldn't have - either me, the camera, or the computer.)

So, I can't post photos, (and I love photos - I have hundreds on my camera to upload) the photo file is missing somewhere in my computer, I dropped my laptop one time to many and MAYBE that is why my computer doesn't recognized the CD drive. I have less room on my hard drive than the size of the hidden photo file, and so little room that some files won't even open. . . And I can't download all the free software that came with my web host because I haven't room on my hard drive.

One last whine - I dropped my camera in the case recently - and all the gorgeous photos I got of the trip to Idaho - have big smudge marks on them -- and it isn't from the dirty lens OR the dirty bug ridden windshield. OOPS.

OK, Leon is home, whine over, housework begins.


Chris said...

Sounds like you had "one of those days" or a series of them. Not fun! I can apprecaite the vent. Better to let it out. Yes!

Matty said...

Okay Marcia,
Now breathe! In and out! Let it go!
I feel your pain...I can empathize...while I sit here on my duff, the housework is piling up..the grandkids are driving me crazy...when is the laundry ever done around here? It just doesn't stop. I need some help here! And a new computer! I want a time-out! Right now!
Dont' worry. it's your blog and you can whine if you want to! WE hear you...can you not hear us whine back? We're here, believe me!
Thank God June is over. Now, July will be a great month! I can just feel it! After all, it's my birth month! And I'll do it My Way!
Have a good weekend...maybe!

Marcia (MeeAugraphie) said...

Matty - you made me laugh! A time out - I'd give you one if I could! I didn't want June to be over yet. . not really. July is Leon's birthday, too. Thank you for letting me whine!

Marcia (MeeAugraphie) said...

Chris - I am glad you appreciate the vent! I do feel better now, of course it could be the fact just a few minutes ago I tried another 10 times to figure out which settings and managed to print my cards!! Thanks for commenting.

This Eclectic Life said...

Oh, Marcia. I feel like I am the cause of your frustration! If you hadn't been trying to make cards for Share a Square, you wouldn't have had the trouble. I feel so guilty! But, I'll get over it quickly lol! I look forward to your squares, and I am sorry you had such lousy computer/digital image experiences. You want me to send you some cookies or something? I can make them without using bacon grease...

Marcia (MeeAugraphie) said...

This Eclectic Life - No bacon grease, thank you, there is enough grease in my system from my own long ago bacon eating days! I know you got over it quick! LOL - especially since it wasn't your fault. Thanks for the sympathy, though.