Only The Good - 16th Edition

Photo by Leon.

It is that time! Please find only the good in this photo. You may think this is either only mindless dribble or a bit of fun, but it is really training your mind to see the good in people, things, and in your overall life. After all practice increases skill levels - and if you miss something here, no harm will come, no fouls called.

Please, once you have commented, click on Nancy J. Bond's Only The Good site, practice there, and then why not spread the thought of practice around your readers by posting a photo for them -- the good news is it is easy to post, your photo can be awful or almost awful and it will still work! Your choice.

For you who collect link buttons in your side bar, Nancy has several to choose from.


Shelby said...

I think I see some beautiful blue water in the distance :)

Marcia (MeeAugraphie) said...

Shelby - thank you for finding only the good here! The water was beautiful. Oops, Leon took that photo - I forgot again.

Nancy J. Bond said...

Along with blue water and a friendly gull for company, I see a strong, friendly hand -- a hand that might be pointing out something spectacular in the water ahead, and hand that might be giving direction, or a hand with a finger extended to obscure the bird passenger. :) Either way, it looks like a kind hand. And that's the good I see.