Thursday Thirteen - Home settings I want to live in

06/28/07 Thirteen home settings I want to live in!

Which is also thirteen reasons I am both easy to please, and not, I want them all!

1. I want to live on the ocean so I can look out at to watch the lightning displays when a storm moves in and the sailboats race.

2. I want to live in the woods in the mountains so I can hear nature and listen to the wind rustle the trees, bushes, grasses, and the very deep toned and tuned wind chime we will have in that dream.

3. I want to live in a city open loft apartment with wooden floors and no one living beneath so I can roller skate to my hearts content and move the furniture weekly without worrying about fitting it through narrow doorways.

4. I want to live on the edge of a meadow filled with wildflowers, with trees behind me filtering the worst of the sun and a small pond.

5. I want to live at Lake Tyee RV Resort, a campground allowing only 6 months use a year, with a 55 acre lake with trees and mountains around me, where only electric motors and kayaks, canoes, and pedal boats are allowed, so I can laze around and feel the sun and wind.

or at Lost Lake RV Resort with, unfortunately, only an 11 acre lake, but gorgeous forested grounds and a few views of Mt.Rainier in certain spots.

6. I want to live in an apartment or condo built in the middle of a town center so I can walk downstairs to a coffee shop and lounge all morning, and sip an Americano and eat a wonderful scone, the old-fashioned ones (English).

7. I want to live in a neighborhood where streets run behind the houses and front porches and sidewalks in front promote neighborhood conversations, a sense of community.

8. I want to live in a co-housing community like Sharingwood, where there are community dinners if you wish, people work together to keep up the grounds, etc., and everyone looks out for everyone else, the equivalent of a tiny town within a development.

9. I want to live on a farm with many acres and a few trees around the home and a view that goes on forever, with rolling hills and a small lake or pond, like the ones we saw in Washington just before we reached Idaho.

10. I want to live on a large piece of property with several houses, so family can live "near, but separate", with a giant fire pit and barbecue grill and freestanding screened porch and outside kitchen; with room for horseshoes, Bocci, frisbees, concrete pad to play four square, half a basketball court, and room for volleyball or similar; and a winding asphalt (?) walkway around the property to ride tricycles, hot wheels, and bicycles or roller skate.

11. I want to live in a mountain cabin with views of the village below and of other mountains in the distance and a small creek running through our property, and trees, of course.

12. I want to live in an RV resort with lots of activities if we so choose, near the beach and the mountains.

13. I want to live in an RV and travel from place to place with no agenda. Stay here two nights, here six months, here 3 weeks, surrounded by nature, side tours, and views of all kinds. (We won't get into the fact I want a little RV for quick trips to tiny places, a Class A bus motorhome to live in and/or a 5th Wheel, and/or a stationary "RV" a park model. . . )

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MommyBa said...

There are always the pros and cons of living in a certain area. Living in the city is practical because everything's there. But I would still prefer to live in the countryside where the lifestyle is more laidback and relaxed.

Happy Thursday dear! Thanks for sharing your thoughts :)

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

I'd like to live in most of those, too. Good picks.

CA Real Estate Blogger said...

If you have a lot of money, you might want to consider buying a beach front mansion in Sourthern California:

- Henry

Raines said...

re #8: cohousing is a self-help movement, where future residents participate in creating their own neighborhoods, designed to promote interaction. So what's stopping you? It takes time, so starting now is the best way to have it be ready when you are. The resources are out there to help you make it happen... and since you're part of the design team, odds are good you can make it also match several other of the items on your list!

Raines Cohen, Cohousing Coach
Planning for Sustainable Communities
Living in community in Berkeley, CA; currently visiting Songaia, just down the road from Sharingwood.

Shelby said...

Such a F A B U L O U S post!!

I want all that - each and every one - and then some that you didn't list (think of some more please!)...

You made me dream some more.. I've been transported to fantasy land with all the homes and places and situations.. I LOVE it!

I want to live in a log cabin with a loft and huge picture windows looking out on the Oregon coast. I want the cabin up on a mountain side with a trail leading down to the beach. I want a little town nearby so I can run get milk and coffee. I want to walk the beach in the mornings. I want to see the sun set in the evenings. I want to gaze out on the sea at night. I want to see the ship lights. I want to hear the fog horns. I want to smell the salt in the air. I want to hear some sea gulls and the wind and ...

I want that. I so want that..