Limerick Contest at J's blog!

Write a limerick describing your blog
No need to find words rhyming with frog
try photography or fantastic
or R-rated, smart, elastic -
just don't say it's a bump on a log.


See what she has done, I can't help myself.
She, who?

Jenny McB ! is sponsoring: J's Blog Limerick Contest -- What Makes You Unique?

The rules are simple, the judges will be hard to win over (I think!)

Her deadline is coming up on the 17th of June. Better start writing!
HOLD ON! Please, read mine first. . . then rush off.

I present my attempts at limerick description:


There was an older woman who spouted
about all the things that she doubted.
Her husband -- supposed to write, too,
found better, more fun things to do,
so, she just kept writing and pouted.


One woman equated herself
with procrastination's overfilled shelf
she plotted and schemed
and created a theme
than sat back and awaited her elf.

last but not least


My words here are tossed together
of heartache or the smells of heather
I post only a draft
not polishing my craft
words ne'r meant to be bound into leather.

(or thereabout)

Now! Rush! Click the image to go straight to the directions or the text link to read all else of Jenny's, first. Then start spouting words in rhyme while you have time. Have fun!

And, thank you, Shelly, once more for pushing us toward fun links.


Jenny McB said...

Thank you! So glad you submitted, which one is your favorite? I am leaning to the third, but then, I am not a judge..lol

Marcia (MeeAugraphie) said...

Oh, no! Jenny McB - I cannot pick a favorite, because none of them are perfect and all have too much behind the scenes meaning! Would be like trying to cut a scene from a play, besides I am not a fair judge, why else would I post three? Oh, because I love to not stop writing? Besides the fun was in the doing, not about to undo it myself. Thanks for reading them and picking a favorite. I do like that one!

Shelby said...

Oh I've got to learn more about limericks... help :)

Marcia (MeeAugraphie) said...

Shelby, help is here (and in your comments, too). Jenny McB had done a Thursday Thirteen on how to write limericks:


She has a contest and helps us do it!

This Eclectic Life said...

Marcia, you are amazing, as always. If the words you write on these pages are "only a draft," I'd be blown away by your edited versions. Well, I'm blown away by the "drafts," just realized I had a pun going there! Where's Eric? He loves puns.

Eric, who will sit and edit a 5 line e-mail for a half-hour, says "Marcia writes a draft like it's a breeze"
On this one, he's not full of hot air!

Shelby said...

hey there - thanks for the link to Jenny McB.. I'm off to learn stuff..

p.s. I started blogging around the first of November '06... then deleted that blog and started my Shelby blog around Feb? I think.. Something like that.

Happy Tuesday :)